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.africa R530.00/yr

.biz R420.00/yr

.net R300.00/yr

.com R300.00/yr


web hosting and domain packages


Expert Help for newbies, pros and in-betweenies.

With us, you can expect real service from real people all the time. Think of us as your partner in hosting. Whether you need help with server setups, restoring a broken website, troubleshooting your email or just some help with your code, we have your back. Our team consists of experts in every field, so there’s no question too tough for us.


30 day money-back guarantee


hassle-free migrations


24/7  World-class Support


99.9% uptime on secure servers


Resource Protection


No contracts

Cloud Backups

protect yourself from data loss

Viruses, user errors and physical damage can threaten your data.

Easy and offsite

Our CpanelHosting.Africa Cloud Backup™ is set up in less than five minutes. After the set up, the encrypted backup is immediately transferred to our Data Centre. Custom settings are available in the expert view. Our competent support team is always happy to assist you.

Alarms on errors

The built-in backup scan automatically checks the backup data valnurabilities and data errors. It also notifies you once the scan is complete 

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